About Us

Broxham Fitness Profile
Broxham Fitness, also known as BFIT is fun and social effective training around Melbourne delivered by our very own Sam and Melbourne Victory’s Leigh Broxham, both passionate personal trainers who know how to challenge you! We want you to Love Being Fit if you love your exercise routine then you’ll be consistent… and if you’re consistent you get results! It’s really important to create a positive association with exercise in your mind so that it becomes something you look forward to – this will help you build healthy habits.
The group training sessions we do are a mix of cardio, functional movement, boxing and free weights. Group training is a lot more fun than working out on your own, your friends alongside you keep you motivated.
Regular exercise has been proven too improve your mood, reduce stress, boost self-esteem and improve sleep.
If you don’t want to have to think about your workout and you find you need someone to push you to make the most of your training time BFIT is perfect for you.